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FitForm is a place where you can have fun while you exercise. Your coach will guide you through a set of exercises in a group setting. Each exercise has modifications to make them easier or harder. Remember the more you challenge yourself, the better the results. There will be short breaks to catch your breath and hydrate.

Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, a light rain jacket, hat and gloves just in case for Fit Mams & Prams Classes. Fit Camp classes are held indoors. Print the Health Screening Form. With you if you have not already emailed it on. Leave any valuables at home if you can.

Download Health Screening Form

Each class is 1 hour. During this time, there is a warm up, stretching, high intensity exercise, core work and cool down.

Each individual is unique however if you are following a healthy balanced food plan and attending 3 classes per week for 6 weeks, you are guaranteed to see changes in your body. Within the first two weeks, you will notice an improvement in breathing during exercises and within 4 weeks, your stamina and endurance will improve also.

All this being said, remember each person is different and should you wish to consult with your coach for any advice or support, please do so as the ultimate goal is for you to get results reach your target goal.

No you can choose either class you wish. If you need help with the decision, please consult with us any time for advice. The 50+ class is mainly suitable for beginners that are not very active and are beginning a journey on improving their health and wellbeing.

Each member of FitForm must complete the Health Screening Form, click here, this is to provide your coach with information about your medical history or a condition that may either require a doctors clearance certificate or may exempt you from partaking in certain exercises.

No each class varies, which is what makes it more fun and challenging. However we always work on each part of the body, such as upper body, lower body and core, in each class.

We welcome all fitness levels, if you are a beginner, we will guide you through the exercises, and you can train at your own pace. If you are an intermediate or advanced each exercise has an option to challenge and push you further to reach your optimum fitness level.

Yes there is. Click here for pricing. We do guarantee results however based on a 6 week cycle of 3 classes per week combined with a balanced food plan and it is the more affordable option.

Wear comfortable clothing such as light top/t-shirt, and jog pants/shorts. Bring a rain jacket, hat and gloves just in case for Fit Mams & Prams as it is outdoors, otherwise Fit Camp is indoors. For the ladies, we recommend a good support bra also.

Excellent, good for you… Simple click on the membership page and you will get directed to a secure payment page. Complete your details and await confirmation of payment. Once complete, we will contact you within 24hours to get you booked in on your first class. You will then be sent an email with all details of your class/membership

Perfect, you choose your start date however the 6 week cycle begins on the first class start date.

YES of course, unless MET Eireann advise otherwise you will be notified.

Yes FitForm would love for you to come along for a trial class. This way you can decide if this is the right fit for you. Click on the membership page and book in for your trial class for FREE. Limited number of spaces on each class.

Fit Mams & Prams are outdoor. Fit Camp is indoors.

Yes you must book in for a class in advance via the webpage. Limited spaces per class and these do book up quickly so the earlier you book the better. Once you book in for your 6 week plan, you choose your start date. If you cannot make a class, you must cancel by 6pm the previous day and you can add this class to the end of your cycle otherwise that class is forfeited. You can add a maximum of two classes to the end of your cycle. We do understand that life brings challenges however it is important that we are fair to everybody.